It sounds really obvious…Maya Muse Textiles is all about textiles! I love textile design and telling a story through textiles. I combine the raw beauty of linen and the unique characteristics of the hand screen printing process with my designs to create a product that uniquely represents me and Australia.

When you purchase a product from Maya Muse you should know that it has been lovingly hand crafted in Sydney.

The collection is made the old fashioned way; screen printed by hand, using hand mixed inks and beautiful 100% linen. These traditional techniques and natural fibers work perfectly to complement modern, Australian inspired prints in a delicious palette.

After living and working in London as a textile designer for 5 years I returned home with fresh eyes and a renewed love of Sydney. The light, the foliage, the expansive landscapes and a desire for creative freedom inspired me to establish Maya Muse Textiles.

My designs are me and my family. They represent what I love about Australia and more. Every collection is designed with my home (or my dream home) in mind. I design products that I would love to live with and things that make me smile. Maya Muse Textiles allows me to spend more time with my husband and my beautiful but crazy son, and it allows me to do what I love and be creative, I am a very lucky lady!

I always prefer to start a design using pencil or paint. I find that when a design is at least started ‘by hand’ in this sketchy manner it is imbued with more character and soul. Once the essence of the design is on paper I will take it into the computer to resolve the repeat and layout. This approach complements the unique characteristics of the hand screen printing process.

Maya Muse Textiles is 5 years old now, and I still get such a thrill from the first pull of the squeegee through the the ink of a new screen. Lifting up the screen to reveal a new design for the first time is always exciting. I find a design, once printed onto a textile always come to life and is full of all the possibilities of what it will become.

Maya Muse Textiles is committed to producing locally in Sydney, because I believe in supporting local business. I can be assured that my products are produced in an ethical and sustainable way when I have strong relationships with all my suppliers and machinists, most of which are also small family run businesses. One of the most rewarding elements of running such a grass roots operation is the friendships I have formed with the people who help to bring Maya Muse Textiles to life and those who support my little business.

Each colour is hand mixed in the studio. I use water based, solvent free inks and have a sustainable, low impact approach to materials and practices.

I believe in filling my home with quality pieces that I love and that are made with integrity. Great design should be timeless rather than responding to short term seasonal trends. Design should be for longevity.

If you would like to learn more about the Maya Muse Textiles story please feel free to contact me.

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